Korean hunk's role upsets him

Television still: That Winter, The Wind Blows starring Song Hye Kyo (left) and Jo In Sung

Popular Korean drama That Winter, The Wind Blows is such a tear-jerker that even its leading man Jo In Sung, 31, gets emotional when recalling the scenes he did.

"The scene where Oh Young's words of comfort heal Oh Soo's painful memories still breaks my heart even now when I think of it," says the Korean heart-throbin an e-mail interview, referring to the scene where his character, Oh Soo, is comforted by the female lead, played by popular actress Song Hye Kyo, last seen in Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmaster.

This drama, which airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.55pm on Channel One (StarHub Channel 823, mio TV Channels 513 and 60), takes a step away from the recent spate of light-hearted Korean romance dramas such as Rooftop Prince, A Gentleman's Dignity and Cheongdamdong Alice and returns to the tried-and-tested weepy K-drama formula circa 2002, exemplified by Winter Sonata.

The romantic melodrama, which was originally a 2002 Japanese drama called I Don't Need Love, Summer, revolves around a blind heiress, Oh Young, who has lost her wealthy parents. Oh Soo is a conman who poses as her long-lost brother in the hope of seizing her inheritance. The two eventually develop an ill-fated romance.

Oh Soo is Jo's comeback role after his military service and his first TV drama in eight years.

The actor, whose resume includes the tragedy Memories Of Bali (2004), says: "The visual skills of the director, the well-written storyline together with the fantastic coordination of the cast members are the greatest strengths of this drama.

"I thought I would regret all my life if I were to give this drama a miss."

The role, however, was extremely challenging for him.

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