MediaCorp actor Xu Bin says he's not the mischieous student he used to be

SINGAPORE - He used to cut classes and refused to cut his hair short.

But Xu Bin is no longer the playful student he once was - he is now an actor driven to do well in his career.

And he was so keen while shooting for his debut movie that he went nude before the scene in question was due to be shot.

The MediaCorp actor, 24, who is managed by Noon Talk Media, had landed a role in last year's local movie Timeless Love. In one scene, he was supposed to drop the towel around his waist and the plan was for this to be done in a separate shoot, with only a few people present.

But Xu bared all during the regular shooting, much to the shock of the women present - including actress Kimberly Chia, who reportedly squealed and turned her head away.

Xu, who came to Singapore from Fujian, China, when he was 11, told The New Paper in Mandarin last week: "I was blur back then because I didn't have any filming experience."

"The script wrote 'nude scene' and I thought it was to be filmed at one go, so I took off everything."

"I was told later that the nude scene would be filmed separately, with fewer people around."

Campus SuperStar Xu first appeared on television in the second season of Campus SuperStar in 2007, where he made the top 20. After Timeless Love, he made a transition to television, playing a student in Don't Stop Believin' (2012).

It was last year's top-rated Channel 8 drama and his role is nominated for Favourite Male Character at this year's Star Awards, which will take place on April 21 and 28.

As a sign of his rising popularity, Xu was leading in this category as of two weeks ago. He now sports a crew cut, as he is filming Channel 8 sitcom The Recruit Diaries , which is slated to air in July.

From baring his body to losing his hair, Xu takes these "sacrifices" in his stride. "Since I've decided to pursue a career in this industry, these are reservations I'm prepared to forgo," he said, adding that even up to last year, he was still not the person he is today.

"I was quite playful in secondary school. Often, my friends and I would get caught for keeping our hair too long and the teachers would tell us to get our hair cut."

"Then we wouldn't return to school, giving ourselves the day off."

"Once, a teacher told me 'I always can't seem to catch you', while my friends would always get caught for breaking the rules."

"My teachers thought I was the mastermind, but I wasn't."

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