Teen Wolf star falls for actress

He is one of the hottest hunks on television right now, but Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin is taken - and happily in love.

The 25-year-old and his US actress girlfriend Brittany Snow, 27, made their official red carpet debut as a couple for the Hollywood premiere of her TV movie, Call Me Crazy: A Five Film, in late April.

The pair have been good friends for more than a decade and have appeared at other events together.

As to being so open about his relationship in a paparazzi-laden place like Hollywood, Hoechlin told The New Paper in a recent phone interview from Los Angeles: "Brittany and I have known each other for a long time.

"In Los Angeles, it's impossible to do anything without people noticing. We definitely did not make a conscious effort to make our relationship public and we intend to keep it that way.

"We're pretty much happy now, but I think it's important as actors or musicians to keep that part of our lives private. "I'm sorry as I wouldn't want to elaborate more on our relationship."

Yet, when asked what was the most romantic thing he had done for a girl, he paused and - as if referring to Snow, who has starred in movies like Pitch Perfect and Hairspray - said: "Fly away or take a trip somewhere. It's fun to get out of town and be away from the craziness of Los Angeles."

Hoechlin, who has been acting since he was nine, got his big break starring as Tom Hanks' son in the 2002 film Road To Perdition.

In Teen Wolf, the US actor plays Derek Hale, a mysterious alpha werewolf in the popular action-packed drama, with up-and-coming stars Tyler Posey, 21, and Crystal Reed, 28.

The drama is about teen werewolves and how they try to balance their day-to-day lives and protect their loved ones while concealing their identity.

The third season premieres on beTV (StarHub Ch 525) on June 7 at 9.20pm.

On Teen Wolf, Hoechlin shows off his hot bod in many topless scenes whenever Derek transforms into a werewolf.

But getting the perfect chiselled figure required lots of sacrifice.

"I did a pretty much no-carbs diet, and couldn't eat any of those foods that I enjoy, such as bread and pasta.

"That also meant no fast food and no sugar, which isn't always fun," he said.

"(But) the working out part came a lot easier for me because I play a lot of sports."

Even though he follows a strict diet to ensure his physique is always camera-ready, Hoechlin revealed that he sometimes indulges in a beer or two, and winds down by going to the movies and having popcorn.

He also insists on doing most of the fight scenes for Teen Wolf himself.

He said: "I've had small bruises and bumps here and there but it was nothing big."

On a more serious note, Hoechlin said: "Taking on the fight scenes myself allows the audience and myself to be closer because I don't want them to watch the show and know that I am using a double.

"That is very important to me."

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