Man dies after 20m fall from crane

He had just returned from a holiday in Bangkok to usher in the new year.

But just three days after the trip with his friends, Mr Teo Jun Jie (right), 26, died when he fell off a crane while working at Keppel Terminal.

The accident happened at about 10am on Wednesday when Mr Teo, who became a technician in July 2010, was working on a crane near Tanjong Pagar Terminal Gate 1.

Mr Teo's older brother, Mr Teo Jun Yi, told The New Paper the family has been trying to find answers to how he fell, but have so far drawn a blank.

The 28-year-old despatch rider said: "My younger brother, Teo Jun Wei, and one of my uncles tried to visit Jun Jie's workplace this morning (Thursday), but were turned away because they did not have authorisation.

"We just want to find out the truth about how my brother died."

It is not clear from what height he fell.

A representative from PSA Corporation was at MrTeo Jun Jie's wake at a funeral parlour in Sin Ming yesterday to pay his respects.

Mr Teo Jun Yi said that the family was told that the crane that his brother fell from was 20m high.

It is not known if he fell from the top of the crane.

He also said that his brother's colleagues told his father that the crane was 8m tall.

Mr Teo Jun Jie's younger brother, Mr Teo Jun Wei, 24, a civil servant, told The New Paper that their father, Mr Teo Teck Chye, 55, was the first to be told about theincident.

"My dad, who works as a sub-contractor, took JunJie to work on Wednesday morning. He always did so," said Mr Teo Jun Wei.

"But at about 10 plus, my brother's supervisor called him to tell him that there had been an accident.

"He (the supervisor) said that my brother was injured and had been taken to Singapore General Hospital (SGH)."

He added that his father then called their mother, a housewife, at home, to inform her of the news.

Mr Teo Jun Wei rushed to the hospital with his eldest brother, who was also at home.

By the time they arrived at the hospital and met with the elder Mr Teo, it was past 11am.

Mr Teo Jun Yi said that by then, his brother had died.

He said: "My brother was in the Intensive Care Unit and there were bandages covering many parts of him, but he had already left.

"We still don't know exactly how the accident happened. None of us got to see him for the last time."

Mr Teo Jun Yi said that Mr Teo Jun Jie did not have any known medical conditions.

He added that his brother left his job as a retail associate selling stationery in Takashimaya in July 2009 for his current job.

By doing so, his brother's income almost doubled.

Mr Teo Jun Wei said: "We (brothers) were very close. We shared one room and Jun Jie had never complained about his job.

"He left his sales job for this one because he has friends working there."

He also said that his brother, who was outgoing and caring towards friends and family, did not have a girlfriend.

Mr Teo Jun Jie's funeral will be held today.

The police confirmed that they received a call regarding the accident at about 10.20am on Jan 4, informing them that a man had fallen from a crane.

The New Paper understands that the call was made by a security officer.

Mr Teo was taken conscious to SGH, but died at about 11.20am.

Police are investigating the unnatural death.

A PSA Corporation spokesman said: "Regarding the incident, PSA is assisting the family and helping in the investigation by the authorities. We are unable to comment further, as investigations are ongoing."

This article was first published in The New Paper.