This affects Magistrates' Arrest Cases, as well as committal and transmission cases, which are mentioned before Magistrates.

We are therefore amending the law.

There will no longer be a distinction between a Magistrate's Court and a District Court with regard to remand.

The distinction will be between cases where investigations are ongoing, and cases where investigations are complete.

While investigations are ongoing, an accused person can only be remanded for 8 days at a time and must be brought before the court again if further remand is sought.

This ensures that investigations are completed in good time and that where applicable, bail can be offered as soon as possible after investigations are complete.

Once investigations are complete, the accused person will be remanded pending the resolution of his case if he is refused bail or cannot raise bail.

At this point, there is no more reason to require that he can be remanded only for 8 days at a time.

Sections 174 and 238 are amended accordingly. This will allow for more efficient management of cases by the courts.

Notices of land acquisition

Clause 23 amends the Land Acquisition Act, primarily to change the mode by which interested persons are notified of land acquisitions.

Currently, section 8(1) requires the Collector to notify interested persons by posting notices at or near the land to be taken.

We have received feedback that owners prefer not to have this procedure.

We are therefore replacing this mode of notification with a new requirement to publish notices in at least 4 daily local newspapers in each of the 4 official languages, which is more effective and reaches a larger audience.

This is in addition to other existing means of notification, which include notification in the Gazette, and sending registered letters to known interested parties.

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