Remy Ong: His side of the story

National bowler Remy Ong has opened up about the alleged hit-and-run incident with a stray dog.

"People hear one side of the story, they didn't hear my side of the story," said the 33-year-old in an exclusive phone interview with RazorTV.

Ong allegedly ran over a female crossbreed dog with his Porsche while leaving the SAFRA National Service Resort and Country Club along Changi Coast Road on February 19.

The incident has sparked an online furore, with netizens slamming him for his actions.

In response to the criticisms, Ong expressed remorse.

"Seriously if I would've known that I hit the dog, I would stop and help the dog but the thing is I didn't know that I actually hit the dog, so when I came back and there was a big reaction and everything. Well, I would say it's sad that the dog has died and it's a big lesson for me to learn."

Eight puppies, believed to be the offspring of the dog that Ong allegedly hit, were found along Changi Coast Road a day after the accident took place.

Some netizens have called for Ong to take responsibility by adopting all the puppies and taking care of them.

When asked if he would consider adopting the puppies, Ong said: "I would love to but I already have a puppy and there's a ruling that you can't have more than how many dogs.

"I feel bad and I feel really upset that I hit the mother dog. Now that they found the puppies I'm actually kind of relieved that the puppies are being adopted and they'll have a better life next time rather than being on the streets."