Cleaner killed by man who hijacked cab

SINGAPORE - A man died on Saturday morning after he was hit by a hijacked taxi at the driveway in front of the Budget Terminal.

The 34-year-old Indian man, Mr Chandra Mogan, a cleaner on duty at the airport, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics at 7.13am.

The police received a call at about 6.50am regarding an assault by a 30-year-old Chinese national passenger on a 57-year-old taxi driver along the stretch of Airport Boulevard in front of SATS In-flight Catering Centre 1.

The passenger, who was headed for Changi Airport, started getting violent towards taxi driver Yeow Chuwee Lam during the journey, said a statement released by Comfort Delgro.

The taxi driver later activated the distress button and got out of the cab.

According to Comfort Delgro spokesperson Tammy Tan, the passenger had also stepped out and allegedly started to attack the driver.

Police said the passenger was later seen taking over the wheel and driving the taxi towards the direction of the Budget Terminal.

The taxi hit Mr Mogan along the driveway of the terminal and smashed into a glass side door next to McDonald's. A traffic light was also badly damaged.

A spokesperson from the Singapore Civil Defence Force said they received a call at about 6.52am and one ambulance was dispatched.

The injured Chinese national suffered from head abrasions and was conveyed to Changi General Hospital.

According to reports, he will be charged with voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery.

The charge is to be read out to the suspect in the hospital he is warded in. 

Witnesses said the man had tried to flee but was stopped by passers-by. He was detained at the scene and police investigations are still ongoing.

If convicted, he faces a jail sentence between five to 20 years and at least 12 strokes of the cane.

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