'He promised to love me all his life'

He knew from the start that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He pursued her and proposed after dating her for barely two years.

But she was not ready as she was still studying in a polytechnic.

He was willing to wait and three years later, she accepted when he proposed again.

Earlier this year, they fixed their wedding day for March 30 next year. He spent $10,000 for them to fly to Taiwan for a wedding photo shoot late last month.

But Mr Keith Kok Chee Wah, 31, never got to see the pictures.

Just when everything seemed be falling into place for Mr Kok and his fiancee, Miss Geraldine Lim, 25, their love story took a tragic turn.

He was killed in a hit-and-run traffic accident on Wednesday morning.

Mr Kok, who worked as a driver, was riding his new scooter to work when he was hit by a lorry and a trailer at about 7.30am.

He was believed to have been hit by the lorry first before being run over by the trailer.


A police spokesman said yesterday that Mr Kok was travelling on the BKE towards the PIE when he was hit at the slip road turning into the KJE.

He confirmed that the accident involved a motorcycle, a lorry and a trailer. Both the lorry and trailer drivers fled the scene after the accident.

Mr Kok was pronounced dead at the scene at 8.20am.

The police spokesman said the trailer driver, a 61-year-old man, has been arrested.

At press time, the lorry driver was still at large. Police investigations are ongoing.

When The New Paper went to Mr Kok's wake at Block 231, Choa Chu Kang Central, last night, Miss Lim said that her fiance had bought the scooter only last month.

Though he owned a car, he doted on Miss Lim so much that he let her use it.

Weeping uncontrollably, the accounts development manager, said: "He used to take the MRT and bus to work, but he was afraid of being late as he felt that our public transport had become more unreliable after the recent breakdowns."

So he asked her for permission to buy a scooter.

"He knew that I didn't like him to ride a bike, but he managed to convince me that a scooter would be safer to ride as he couldn't go fast in a scooter," she said. Still crying, she added: "If only I had said no..."

Miss Lim said that Mr Kok would not have bought the scooter if she had said "no" to him.

"He would seek my permission to buy anything, even if he was the one paying for it," said Miss Lim. The couple had met in 2002, when she was just 16, through a mutual friend and started dating three years later.

Mr Kok was riding a motorcycle then, but Miss Lim told him that she didn't like to be a pillion rider.

In 2006, after he proposed to her, he sold his bike and bought a car.

When Miss Lim started working, Mr Kok suggested that she drive to her workplace in town and he would use public transport instead.

Mr Kok worked as a an oil tanker driver in Jurong.

"He had to travel for more than an hour from our home in Woodlands to get to work," she said.

She described her fiance as a simple man who worked hard to save up for their future.

"He was very thrifty and saved the bulk of his paycheck for our future. He wouldn't spend much on himself.

"He liked to play Sony PlayStation games. And he would ask me if he could buy a new game."

Mr Kok first proposed to Miss Lim in 2006.

She was only 19 and still in poly and he was working as a delivery man for Best Denki, said Miss Lim.

"I told him that we were still young and I wanted to get a degree and build my career before getting married.

"He waited patiently for me to finish my studies."

In 2009, Mr Kok popped the question again.

Miss Lim recalled: "He asked if I would marry him and promised to always be there for me whenever I needed him. He promised to love me all his life. And I said 'yes'.

"He was over the moon."

The couple were the envy of their friends.

They started planning for their wedding 11/2 years ago. They set their wedding date, picked the bridal boutique and decided on a honeymoon in Europe.

They had also managed to ballot successfully for a four-room HDB flat at Corporation Road.

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