'He made people laugh'

From the time his son was hospitalised and up till he was laid to rest, he did not sleep.

Mr Muhammad Azlan Abdul Wahab, 32, would only go home to wash, then return immediately to keep vigil at the Intensive Care Unit of the National University Hospital.

His son, Muhammad Afiq Dannie, four, fell from a fifth-storey flat at about 12.20pm on Tuesday. He is believed to have climbed out his kitchen window.

The boy died at about 9pm on Wednesday and was buried yesterday.

As early as 10am, relatives such as his paternal grandfather, Mr Jamal Abbas, 60, waited for Afiq's body to return from post-mortem at the Singapore General Hospital to the five-room Jurong West flat, where Afiq lived with his mother, 5-year-old brother, uncle and maternal grandfather.

Mr Jamal said he was informed of the horrible news while at work as a security officer, at 1pm on Tuesday.

He said: "My body went all weak. I felt helpless that I couldn't do anything for Afiq."

Relatives remembered Afiq as a cheerful and active child. Aunty Nur Hafizah Berjo, 29, recalled that he and his older brother would often play with her four-year-old daughter.

She said of the children: "They know their brother is no longer with them. But they're too young to express their sadness." Aunty Nur Masita Berjo, 25, said she cherished Afiq as if he were her own child.

She said: "He's the one that makes us feel happy...(and) he's a huge eater. He likes his grandfather's home-cooked food."

Afiq attended a nearby PCF kindergarten from 1 to 5pm every weekday, while his brother attended the morning session at the same kindergarten.

Mr Azlan said many relatives and even teachers visited Afiq during his hospitalisation. He said: "I was touched (by their support). Afiq touched everybody, he made people laugh."

As Afiq's parents have been separated for about a year, Mr Azlan would spend time with his sons once or twice a week, taking them to see their grandparents, or "jalan jalan".

He said: "Now I miss every moment that we had together."

While Afiq's fall is believed to have occurred while the family's Indonesian maid was out, relatives said they did not hold her responsible.

Said maternal grandfather Mr Berjo Hj Selamat, 55: "To me, this is a mishap; I went to the police station and took my maid back (following the accident). The child just happened to fall."

The maid was absent from the funeral yesterday, but relatives said she was in the flat.

Mr Berjo added that Afiq had wanted to join the army when he grew up.

He said: "I was a prison's officer for 32 years. Looking through my photos, Afiq said he wanted to be (in uniform) like me. "I miss the smile on my grandchild's face."

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