Decomposed body of man in 70s found at Laguna Park

SINGAPORE - A decomposed body of an old man was found in an apartment unit at Laguna Park at 9.30pm on Monday, said Stomp.

Police revealed that the man was in his mid-70s.

The report said that police received a call at about 8.55pm, requesting for assistance at the Upper East Coast condominium.

It is unknown whether the call came from the neighbours or members of the man's family.

A resident told the citizen journalism website that he noticed a police car and red rhino vehicle below his block at about 9.30pm. An ambulance also arrived shortly after.

Paramedics pronounced the man dead at about 9.40pm, about twenty minutes after the body was found in an apartment unit on the 10th floor.

The netizen told Stomp:"Loud bangs were heard but I did not know which unit did the sound come from.

"Today, the security guards told us that there was a stench coming from a unit at level 10.

"The door was knocked open and a decomposed body of an old man was found."

Police said they are carrying out investigations to determine whether it was a case of natural death or if foul play was involved.

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