Indonesian man in online vice case allowed to leave Singapore for his wedding

An Indonesian man charged with paying for sex with an underage girl has been given permission by the court to return to his home country to get married.

According to a Straits Times report today, Reyner Desvando Suhartono, 28, will leave for Indonesia from Friday to April 29 and May 16 to June 6 for his June 2 wedding. His lawyer, Mr Edmond Pereira, told the court that Mr Suhartono had made preparations for the wedding from November last year, even before he was called up by the police.

Mr Pereira said in court that his client, who is a director and shareholder of a four-year-old Singapore-registered trading company, is not a flight risk. He also owns a property here together with his father.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Andrew Tan objected to this, saying the suspect is a foreigner with no familial roots in Singapore, will be married to a non-Singaporean, and is only a minority shareholder in the company, reported the paper.

District Judge Lim Tse Haw, in allowing Mr Suhartono to leave, set a cash bail of $20,000 to be posted as well as a stipulation that he must provide his itinerary and overseas contact details to the investigating officer before he leaves the country.

The prosecution set forth an amended charge today naming the underage girl, whom Mr Suhartono allegedly had sex with at his rented apartment in Cambridge Road for $450 in September 2010.

It is against the law to have paid sex with a person under 18.

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