Underage sex scandal: 3 men back in court today

(from left) Pyi Kyaw Han, Koh Zi Yang and Kelvin Peck were charged for having paid sex with an underage girl.

SINGAPORE - Three men who were earlier charged for having paid sex with an underage girl returned to court today with their lawyers.

Pyi Kyaw Han, 31, Koh Zi Yang, 29 and Kelvin Peck Yong Li, 21, who were unrepresented in court last Monday, were given a week to seek legal advice.

They were among the first batch of 44 men charged for allegedly having commercial sex with a minor. Two days' later, four more men were charged in the same case, bringing the total number of men involved to 48.

The prosecution tendered amended charges today which now name the girl the three paid for sex with.

Her name was initially omitted from charge sheets to protect her identity when the case was first mentioned in court, but appeared in charge sheets for the four men charged later.

The prosecution applied and has been granted a court order to protect her identity.

The men claimed trial to the charges and their cases have been scheduled for a discovery conference on June 11.

Pyi, who faces two charges, is represented by Mr James Sebastian, while Koh and Peck, who each face one charge, are represented by Mr Peter Ong and Mr Anand Nalachandran respectively.

Koh allegedly paid $600 for sex with the girl at Strand Hotel on December 23, 2010 while Peck is said to have paid $450 for sex with the girl at Hotel 81 Bencoolen on October 7, 2010.

Pyi faces two charges of paying $650 for the girl's sexual services at Strand Hotel on December 21, 2010 and January 21, 2011.

If found guilty, the 48 men charged so far could be jailed for up to seven years, fined, or both.


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