Night Safari celebrates 18th anniversary

SINGAPORE - The Night Safari turns 18 on May 26 and to celebrate its birthday, it will be rolling out various promotions for visitors in the month of May.

From May 1-31, the wildlife park will be extending a month-long free admission for visitors born in May 1994.

In addition to free admission, those born in May 1994 can also purchase up to five admission tickets at a 20% discount.

At the park, visitors may hop onto a 40-min tram ride that will take them through seven geographic regions from the Himalayan foothills to the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Those keen for more adventure can explore the four interlinked walking trails for closer encounters with threatened and endangered species such as the pangolin, clouded leopard and slow loris.

Visitors can also catch the Creatures of the Night Show which showcases the predatory and survival instincts of otters, binturongs and hyenas.


As part of the 18th birthday celebrations, the Night Safari is inviting 10 lucky AsiaOne readers to an exclusive 2h behind-the-scenes session at the park.

This is the first time the Night Safari is allowing the public to go behind the scenes to see how the wildlife park is run.

Readers will get to meet zookeepers, find out more about the makings of the Night Safari and view animal enrichment and training sessions, and get to ride and dine on the Gourmet Safari Express.

Keen on being the first to go behind-the-scenes at the Night Safari? Find out how you participate in the Night Safari-AsiaOne contest here.

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