I Say, labour's twin goals 'Can Be Done'

He is known for coining quirky catchphrases, such as "cheaper, better, faster" and "upturn the downturn".

Yesterday, NTUC secretary-general Lim Swee Say dropped two new acronyms - QED and CBD - to describe his take on the labour movement's goal of twin-growth in productivity and wages by 2020.

QED refers to "quite easily done" while CBD is short for "can be done", he explained.

Using cartoons, graphics and his signature brand of wit, he said: "When I was a student, my favourite subject was Mathematics. Every time a question was asked and we came up with the answer, we put down three letters - QED."

Drawing laughter from his audience, he added: "I should have told the professor to give me something more challenging."

He repeatedly used CBD while sharing anecdotes of companies and individuals who fought the odds to boost productivity and efficiency.

On the mammoth task of creating better jobs and salaries for everyone, Mr Lim said: "Yes, I believe this Can Be Done".

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