Couple arrested for serial housebreaking

SINGAPORE - Police have arrested a couple aged 24 and 26 for a series of housebreaking and theft offences committed in Yishun and Sembawang housing estates.

Between March 2011 and May 2012, residents in Yishun and Sembawang lodged police reports regarding the theft of their valuables left near the windows of common corridors.

The items stolen included mobile phones, laptops and cash.

Following these reports, police officers managed to establish the identity of the suspects through extensive enquires.

On May 2, at about 8.45am, the couple was detained at their residence located along Yishun Street 81.

Investigations revealed that the duo stole the items by reaching through the unsecured windows of residential units along common corridors.

The suspects are also believed to be responsible for 20 other similar cases.

The male suspect will be charged in Court on May 4 for an

The offence carries a maximum of 14 years in prison.

Investigations against the female are still on-going.

The police advised residents to secure their premises well, especially those situated next to the corridors.

They added that residents should avoid leaving their valuables unattended in their residences and in full view of passers-by walking along the corridor.

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