Ex-Geylang United players jailed for match-fixing attempt

Jeon Byungeuk (left), 24, pleaded guilty to conspiring with Kim Jae Hong(right), 27, to bribe a player not to score in the match against the Malaysian team

SINGAPORE - Two former Geylang United players were jailed on Friday for trying to fix the football club's game against Harimau Muda on Thursday, reported The Straits Times.

South Koreans Jeon Byungeuk, 24 and Kim Jae Hong, 27, had tried to bribe Geylang United mid-fielder and fellow South Korean Mun Seung Man, to not score against the Malaysian team.

Jeon had told Mun that someone would give him $3,000 for not scoring in the match.

Both pleaded guilty to charges of match-fixing, with Kim admitting to another charge of giving a $4,000 bribe to Geylang United's goalkeeper Yazid Yasin on April 10 to lose the game.

The court heard that Yazid, 32, was promised $4,000 upfront and an additional $2,000 if the match-fixing was successful, by a South-Korean-sounding man named Andrew. 

Kim was instructed by an unknown party to prepare to fly from South Korea to Singapore to hand the money over.

Kim and Jeon were arrested soon after giving Yazid the $4,000 on Wednesday.

Both Yazid and Mun were fielded in the match, which Harimau Muda won 2-0.

Jeon was sentenced to five months in prison, while Kim was jailed 10 months.


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