Mystery Ferrari passenger identified

The mystery passenger involved in the fatal accident on Saturday has been identified as a student from China who had just graduated from a hospitality course at a private university here.

In the latest updates by The Straits Times (ST), the woman is still recovering in a high dependency ward at TTS after being wheeled in to an operation on the afternoon of May 14.

According to friends who visited her at the hospital, she is a student from Wuhan, China, studying in Singapore.

ST reported that her name is Ms Wu Wei Wei, and she is a recent graduate from the East Asia Institute of Management.

The private school has said that it was helping Ms Wu with her insurance claims.

Her friends, who declined to be named, said that they had seen her with Mr Ma before, but did not elaborate on the nature of the relationship.

They added that Ms Wu has a boyfriend.

Her friends also expressed doubt at the rumours flying around about Ms Wu being a nightclub hostess, saying that it was not possible as Ms Wu was a full-time student.

She did not hold any job, they insisted.

They added that Ms Wu is from a reputable and financially stable family.

"Why would she need to work as a hostess when her family can pay for everything?" one female friend said.

Ms Wu is currently in stable condition, but is weak and has difficulty speaking, eating and walking.

She declined to speak to the ST reporter.

Just hours before the accident, Ms Wu was said to have been at a graduation party with her classmates.

However, details of how she ended up in the passenger seat of the red Ferrari involved in the accident is unclear.

All that is known is that she was out driving around Singapore with Mr Ma Chi, 31, in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

In the horrific accident that followed, she was seriously injured in the three-vehicle crash that has claimed the lives of three people so far.

Those killed include Mr Ma, a Chinese national working as a financial advisor here in Singapore, taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock, 52, and the taxi's passenger, a Japanese female passenger in her 40s.

Ms Wu was the sole survivor of the direct crash, but walked away with serious injuries, including head injuries and a fractured right leg.

Motorcyclist Muhamad Azami Awang, 26, who was involved in the accident described the woman to have long hair which was dyed brown like an 'ah lian'.

He added that she was slim and fair skinned, and was wearing hot pants and a white spaghetti-strap tank top.

He told The New Paper that he was surprised to see the woman emerge from the wrecked car.

Friends of Mr Ma told The Sunday Times that they have no idea who the woman is. They also said they did not know why she would be in the car with Mr Ma so early in the morning.

However, reports by Shinmin Daily point to the mystery lady being a hostess at a popular nighclub.

It is believed that Mr Ma patronised the nightclub on the night of his death, and brought the girl for a spin.

According to eye-witnesses, his red Ferrari had been spotted several times at the nightclub premises. But the nightclub valets interviewed by the paper said that they have never seen the Ferrari at the location.

The paper further reported that there is indeed a nightclub hostess at the club that has been warded in hospital.

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