DPM Teo tells TP to be tougher on reckless drivers

SINGAPORE - Deputy Prime Minister Chee Hean has told the traffic police to be tougher on reckless drivers.

In an online post on his Facebook account, DPM Teo said that he and other members at a CCMC meeting were sad and shocked at the "Ferrari-taxi crash".

Giving his condolences to the families of the victims, he added that he revealed to those present at the meeting that he told the traffic police to be tougher on speeding and reckless driving.

Speaking about foreigner sentiment, Mr Teo said that all foreigners should not be blamed for this incident.

He however praised both foreigners and Singaporeans for giving support to families.

Here is his full Facebook post:

"At CCMC meeting tonight, all sad and shocked at Ferrari-taxi crash. Condolences to victims and families. Informed members that I'd told TP to be tougher on speeding/reckless driving. But shouldn't blame all foreigners for this.

"Good that many Singaporeans and foreigners expressed sadness and gave support to families, in a common bond of humanity".

Prime Minster Lee Hsien Loong today posted this on his Facebook account that he agreed with DPM Teo's post:

"Agree with DPM Teo's post about the Ferrari-taxi accident. Deeply saddened by the unfortunate loss of lives. My condolences to the victims and their families - LHL."

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