SPRING increases awareness on consumer product safety

SINGAPORE - One year after the Consumer Protection (Consumer Goods Safety Requirements) Regulations (CGSR) was introduced, suppliers are taking pains to ensure consumer goods sold in the market are safe.

SPRING Singapore, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), Singapore Toys & Confectionery Dealers' Association, Federation of Merchants' Associations, Singapore and Singapore Retailers' Association have been working together since June 2011 to promote consumer product safety to the public.

SPRING, the Safety Authority overseeing consumer product safety, has been working with CASE to step up its education campaign to increase awareness on consumer product safety among public, manufacturers and retailers.

For example SPRING Singapore recently discovered that children's costume jewellery contain unsafe levels of heavy metals like lead.

They advised parents on their website to be careful when purchasing such products for children as metals tend to leach out when chewed, sucked or swallowed and are dangerous beyond certain levels.

Parents can also search international databases like Saferproducts.gov in the US and the European Union's RAPEX to check if the item they are planning to purchase has been recalled.


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