Boy, 10, saves father who attempted suicide

SINGAPORE - A man who tried to commit suicide was saved by his 10-year-old son yesterday afternoon.

Lianhe Wanbao reported Thursday that a man in his 40s known as Mr Chan had locked himself inside his home and was burning charcoal to intoxicate himself.

His son, who came back from playing outside, called the police.

The incident happened in a seventh floor flat at Block 308, Jurong East St 32.

The man had moved into the three-room flat with his wife and son two years ago.

What happened

The boy had returned home from playing outside when he saw that the windows and doors were sealed.

There was also no reply when he knocked on the windows and doors.

He then smelled something burning and called the police and a female relative.

Police officers and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) rescuers who arrived at the scene broke into the house and found that all the curtains had been drawn, and the smell of burning charcoal permeated the house.

Officers left with two bags of evidence, believed to be tools used to burn charcoal.

The man has been arrested for attempted suicide. The case is under investigation by the police.

Wife puzzled by his actions

Mr Chan's wife said she was puzzled by his actions and said she did not know why he did it.

She is understood to be a Malaysian from Perak, and has opened a small store in Singapore selling women's items.

The family often goes back to Malaysia to visit relatives.

Loan sharks started harassment after the family moved in.

Neighbours said the family was harassed by loan sharks shortly after they moved in. One neighbour even installed a closed circuit television camera (CCTV) to enhance their security.

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