Parts of Prudential Tower rain down on Cecil Street

Three pieces of metal cladding fell from the Prudential Tower Building onto a BMW, a taxi and a walkway in Cecil Street on Thursday, June 14.

A witness told local citizen journalism site, Stomp, that the cladding fell and smashed the rear of a taxi and damaged its boot.

He added that there was a passenger in the taxi but no-one was hurt.

The witness claimed that the metal cladding cut through the branches of a tree before crashing into the taxi.

The New Paper also reported on Friday, June 15 that the metal cladding pieces had damaged a BMW as well.

Before the metal cladding had hit a taxi, another piece had fallen onto a BMW and smashed the car's rear light.

Seconds after that, two pieces fell, one on the taxi and another landed on the walkway.

A witness known as Joe, told The New Paper that people were running away in all directions from the scene.

The police also told The New Paper that they received a call for assistance at around 7.15pm.

Stomp reported that a spokesperson for the Management Corporation Strata Title for Prudential Tower said that they are investigating the cause of the fall.

A cladding is typically a cover for a building's exterior. The claddings involved in this case fell about 10m apart, and the longest piece measured about 1.2m.

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