Businesses at Sim Lim disrupted due to restaurant fire

SINGAPORE - A fire broke out at a restaurant at Sim Lim Square on Saturday afternoon, causing business to come to a standstill for over an hour as shoppers and shopowners evacuated the building.

The fire originated from House Kitchen located on level two of the electronics mall.

 Shopowners said they heard an explosion.

 The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said a stove caught fire, but the fire had also been put out by water sprinklers by the time they arrived.

The incident happened at about 1.30pm and shoppers and retailers were asked to leave the building as it was engulfed in smoke.

No one was injured.

Subsequently, blowers were used to ventilate the building.

The shopping centre re-opened more than an hour later.

A shop owner Chew Keat Yat told a local news source: "At 1pm, there was a bit of smoke, and we were afraid. People were telling us to run. The firefighters and police arrived, telling us to close our shops and run."

Another shop owner from the fourth floor said: "I heard the fire alarm, and saw smoke coming from the second floor. The police arrived, and everyone started to close shops. We then left the building through the safety exit."

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