Video of S'pore pet hamster playing dead goes viral

THE secret to getting a YouTube hit? Train your hamster to play dead.

Crazy as it seems, the method works. Just ask local YouTube subscriber Athanasius Mike, whose 17-second video went viral after a couple of weeks.

The clip starts off with a hamster seemingly cornered.

Then, a hand appears in the shape of a gun. It pretends to shoot the hamster, complete with the sound of a shot.The animal reacts by "dropping dead".

The video has garnered more than seven million views in just over three weeks. It was also featured on websites such as 9gag, BuzzFeed and Huffington Post within a week of being uploaded.

The New Paper tried to contact Athanasius Mike through his YouTube account, but he did not reply.

Dr Liew Kai Khiun, an assistant professor in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University, felt it was a big deal for a local video to go viral globally.

He said: "It is rather exceptional for a YouTuber to hit seven million hits with an amateur 17-second recording within three weeks.

"Usually, even the more prominent uploads relating to Singapore averages around 80,000 with some going to half a million after several months."

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