Online outrage over foodcourt rage

(Top right) The video shows the man punching the woman, which sent her tumbling to the floor (below).

The video of the incident, which was posted on citizen journalism website Stomp yesterday, has received more than 17,000 views at press time on Tuesday.

Many netizens condemned the man for bashing a pregnant woman.

Stomper KopiGao, who saw the footage online, commented: "I think it's amazing that any man can bring himself to hit a woman, especially a pregnant one.

"To see this guy hit her face, then kick her when she was down is really sad. He's like what, twice her size?"

Anger management

Cathodz wrote: "She's pregnant and he bashed her up just because of a few drops of soup spilled? This guy needs some anger management counselling."

Some Stompers felt the account of the incident was one-sided as the man did not give his version.

Others said the video gave the impression that the victim and attacker might have known each other.

Badzbabe said that while hitting a woman is wrong, there could be more to the story, especially the victim's claim to be pregnant and of her not knowing the man when they were eating at the same table.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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