Bogus vet who turned home into clinic fined $46k

SINGAPORE - Looking to make a quick buck, a nurse working for a local vet conspired with another to turn her Bishan Street flat into an animal clinic where she charged at least $50 to sterilise each cat.

The Straits Times reported that Sarah Saralah Chandrasekeren, 26, used her dining room table for the operations to sterilise 366 cats between November 2010 and last September.

She was aided in her crime by Ho Chee Chin, 47, who delivered cats he collected on behalf of the Cat Welfare Society to the clinic Chandrasekeren was working for.

Chandrasekeren was then a surgery nurse helping Dr Lim Ai Cheng at his Geylang East Avenue 3 clinic.

Ho was acquainted with her, and when he learnt of her financial troubles, he hatched the plan to deliver the cats to her occasionally for her to sterilise them in her home.

She would then hand him a receipt with the Clinic for Pets company stamp for Ho to submit to the Cat Welfare Society.

In return, he would earn a $5 commission for each cat he delivered.

The duo were discovered when the Cat Welfare Society discovered that there were two different company stamps being used on the receipts it collected from the clinic and alerted Dr Lim.

Chandrasekeren had continued to use the company's old stamp instead of the new stamp with a different design.

For the theft of the receipt book, she was fined $600.

The two were also slapped with 10 charges for the use of her home as a vet centre, and 36 charges for treating animals without an AVA licence.

They were each fined $1,000 for each charge, bringing the total amount to $46,000.

Each charge carries a maximum penalty of up to $10,000, a jail sentence of one year, or both.

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