Ex-scholar to 'redirect sex drive to girlfriend'

Above: Jonathan Wong

The six-page letter submitted as his mitigation is a window into the mind of a pervert.

Yesterday, Jonathan Wong, 25, a former Ministry of Education scholar, was jailed five years for having sex with a teen he met at church.

In his letter, Wong wrote about the help he wants to receive.

The way he sees it, he spoke with a doctor about treatment on two fronts - self-control and arousal, and figured that self-control training was about countering temptations.

But he added: "Arousal training, on the other hand, seeks to redirect my interest and my responses away from underage girls to at the very least, adults.

"Specifically, though, he (my doctor) has approached and obtained my girlfriend's permission to be the target of my 'redirection', a development that I very much look forward to because I want to be faithful to her and only her... I have wronged her."

All that time while he was abusing his victim, then 15, Wong had a girlfriend who is still studying in a local university.

Now, he intends to rope her into his rehabilitation training.

Wong struggled to keep his perversion in control.

He wrote: "I wonder if there is medication that can medically reduce my sex drive.

"Although as I grow older the drive apparently decreases, I would like to make sure of that now, to ensure that I am safe to move around in society, by reducing any chance of arousal or losing control."

In a psychiatric assessment, Dr Guo Song, a consultant psychiatrist from the Institute of Mental Health, said Wong exhibits signs of paedophilia.

Dr Guo also said in the Oct 27, 2011 report that Wong "should be kept away from any contact with an underage female".

Last month, Wong pleaded guilty to sexually penetrating his victim, then 15, with his fingers, making his victim perform oral sex on him and vice versa, having sex with an underage girl, and asking his victim to perform an obscene act for him.

These offences took place between February and June last year.

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