Workers' Party expels veteran member

The Workers' Party (WP) has expelled Dr Poh Lee Guan.

The veteran member of the WP had put himself up as a candidate in the Hougang by-election in May.

Dr Poh,  who applied and received a political donation certificate despite his no-show during nomination day, had told the media then that he was just the 'spare' candidate for his party for the by-election.

He explained then and still stands by his explanation that he only wanted to be an "unofficial backup".

However, he had not informed WP of his decision as he was too busy.

WP chief Low Thia Khiang had expressed surprise at Dr Poh's actions then, as he confirmed that Png Eng Huat was WP's only candidate and its "collective" choice.

Dr Poh was summoned in July 2012 by the WP's Executive Council to explain his actions.

The council did not find his explanation acceptable.

In response to media queries, the WP said "we can confirm that Dr Poh Lee Guan was expelled from the Workers' Party on 10 July 2012. The expulsion was carried out on the grounds set out under Article 22 of the WP Constitution."

This article states that the Executive Council can expel a member if it is satisfied that the member's conduct has been shown to be contrary to the principles, aims or objectives of the party or prejudicial to the welfare of the party.

Dr Poh had been with the WP for more than 10 years, and represented WP for the GRC ward of Nee Soon during the 2011 General Elections.

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