M. Ravi protests at Speakers' Corner

M. Ravi kneeling on the stage he set up at the Speakers' Corner on July 22.

Lawyer M. Ravi, who was recently embroiled in a controversy over his mental health, said yesterday that he would file a letter of demand against the Law Society of Singapore (LSS).

Mr Ravi held a protest attended by a crowd of 40 people at the Speakers' Corner yesterday, where he told reporters of his plans.

The lawyer, who represents the Hougang resident who filed a case against the Prime Minister over the Hougang by-election, had a stage set up for his protest.

Last week, lawyer Wong Siew Hong attended an open court session where Mr Ravi was representing Hougang resident Mdm Vellama Marie Muthu, 42, and handed the judge a psychiatrist letter declaring Mr Ravi medically unfit for the law.

However, LSS president Wong Meng Meng said that Wong Siew Hong was acting "on his own volition" and not submitting an application on behalf of the society.

Mr Ravi told reporters that he wanted the Law Society to apologise to him and pay him damages.

He also plans on filing a complaint against Dr Calvin Fones, the psychiatrist who wrote the letter Wong had submitted.

The lawyer turned up at his protest with make up on. He also danced, prayed and put on a flower garland and gold belt.


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