M Ravi seeking millions of dollars in compensation

Lawyer M. Ravi is suing the Law Society of Singapore and one of its council members Mr Wong Siew Hong for defamation and damage to his reputation. He is seeking millions of dollars in compensation.

Mr Ravi told The Straits Times that he wants at least $2 million from the Law Society and another $2 million from Mr Wong should the case be settled out of court.

If the case proceeds, he hopes to win at least $21 million from the Law Society - $1 million for each council member - and $5 million from Mr Wong.

Yesterday, Mr Ravi's lawyer Mr Louis Joseph told the paper that both parties were each served a writ of summons.

The writ charges that the two parties' actions last month has caused damage to Mr Ravi's reputation. Mr Wong had appeared in court with a letter by psychiatrist Calvin Fones saying that Mr Ravi was unfit to practise as he was having a relapse of his bipolar disorder.

The two parties have eight days to respond if they wish to contest Mr Ravi's claims.


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