Cyclist killed in collision with lorry

SINGAPORE - All that was left of his bike was a mangled mess on the side of the road.

The cycling fraternity here suffered yet another death on Saturday, when a lorry collided with three riders on Loyang Avenue in an early-morning crash.

According to the police, they received a call at 6.55am.

A spokesman also said that Mr Freddy Khoo was the last among the three to be hit.

Yet, while the two other cyclists suffered abrasions and did not require hospitalisation, Mr Khoo suffered severe injuries and was sent to Changi General Hospital, where he later died.

The 48-year-old bank employee leaves behind his pregnant wife, Mrs Tiffany Khoo, and a six-year-old son.

His cycling mates were shaken when The New Paper on Sunday contacted them on Saturday.

Mr Khoo was an avid triathlete who had taken part in several half-Ironman triathlon races, said his friends.

Mr Tony Tan, who cycled regularly with Mr Khoo in a group called Team Cychos, said his friend had been cycling for at least 20 years and was a safe and experienced rider.

"Our group has always been particular about keeping to the rules.

"He was one of the older riders, a good rider and never really felt the need the show off," said Mr Tan, a magazine editor.

The site of the accident was also on a stretch of road Mr Khoo was quite familiar with.

"He must have gone down that road hundreds of times," added Mr Tan.

This latest crash adds to a litany of tragic deaths among cyclists here.

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