Is Singaporno good publicity?

Japanese porn star Aoki Misora.

The chicken in this movie isn't the chicken in the chicken rice.

Actually, the chicken carries a plate of chicken rice in the movie.

Chicken, of course, is a Chinese euphemism for a prostitute (we stretched it a little to mean porn actress).

What movie? Why porn actress? And what the chee cheong fun does it have to do with us or chicken rice?


Well, what do you expect from a Japanese porn movie shot in Singapore? A Jack Neo plot?

The porn movie was filmed here (really, we're not adding extra chilli) and there is a scene involving chicken rice (steady boys, it's the real chicken this time).

The three-minute-long trailer - yes, even porn movies have them - has been circulating online and it features iconic buildings here.

There's Marina Bay Sands (MBS), the Singapore skyline, hawker centres etc.

The 160-minute-long video was discovered by sharp-eyed netizens after it was uploaded on a Japanese porn site last Saturday.

It stars popular Japanese porn star Aoki Misora and depicts a couple on holiday in Singapore.

In between visiting tourist spots and trying out local delicacies, including laksa and prawn noodles, the couple find time for some action in their posh hotel suite.

There is also a scene which features the female lead cavorting in a bikini at the Infinity Pool at MBS.

In response, a spokesman for MBS said that this was a case of unauthorised filming and they will be looking into the matter.

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