Questions raised over Cecilia Sue's 11 hours at CPIB

SINGAPORE - She was held at the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) headquarters for more than a day the first time she was called in to give her statements last December.

But in the time former IT sales manager Cecilia Sue Siew Nang spent there, hours passed, unaccounted for. In fact, the longest stretch which was not logged spanned over 11 hours.

The occasion was when her first three statements were taken for investigations involving former Central Narcotics Bureau director Ng Boon Gay.

On Dec 19 last year, Ms Sue was taken to CPIB at 3.15pm, but her first statement was recorded from 2.50am to 5.35am.

This was revealed on the seventh day of Ng's trial yesterday.

The hearing in the Subordinate Courts, which resumed after a month-long break, saw the deputy director of CPIB's investigation department, Mr Teng Khee Fatt, take the stand.

Ng, 46, is charged with four counts of obtaining sexual gratification from Ms Sue, 36, between June and December last year.

Doubt had been cast over whether she was lying in court, or to the CPIB in earlier statements.

Her first four statements said that she and Ng were involved in an intimate relationship. But in subsequent statements and court testimony, she claimed that Ng forced her into sexual acts.

Mr Teng, who joined the CPIB in 1979, told the court that Ms Sue had not seemed confused, tired or upset after statements were taken. He said he was not sure what happened during the long periods in between officially-recorded statements.

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