Snatch thief targeted pregnant women

SINGAPORE - A 26-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of being a snatch thief who preyed on pregnant women.

The police also recovered the stolen items after a successful ambush on November 14 which led to the arrest of the suspect in Tampines Central.

The man had first tried to snatch the handbag of a woman, who was in the eighth month of her pregnancy, while in a lift in an HDB block in Tampines on Nov 12.

The man was unsuccessful and pushed the lady out when the lift was on the 15th floor. He then took the lift down to the ground floor before fleeing.

Police cameras on the ground were able to capture the suspect’s image.

The man struck again in Simei on Nov 14.

This time, he managed to snatch the bag of a nine-month pregnant woman when the lift doors opened on the 6th floor of an HDB block.

He managed to get hold of the victim’s bag before fleeing the scene at about 4.20pm.

However, he was arrested later that day.

If found guilty he can be jailed up to seven years and be caned.

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