SSP raises level of local competition


He was so excited that he did not make much sense at first.

His voice was quivering as he spoke and it was clear that there was a sense of joy - the cynical type.

One could say that he was suffering from the politics of envy.

But, as I listened to my friend at the other end of the line, I could fully appreciate the reasons for his call.

"Did you hear?" he asked. "The Sports School is out of the tournament. It did not make the Nationals.

"It lost out on goal difference and finished third in the group, which means that it will not make the zone semis.

"You know, right, what that means."

Yes, I knew.

It meant that the Singapore Sports School (SSP), the defending champions, would not play in this year's Schools National soccer competition.

This would only be the second time that the SSP would not make the Nationals.

Of course I would know.

It was I, after all, who challenged the SSP to send in their juniors for the Schools National soccer competition some years back when it was trouncing the competition to the title.

And I was glad that the SSP took up my challenge, and proved itself, several more times in the competition. So what if it would falter here and there?

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