FAS lacks foresight on match bonuses

Above: National football player attended to by the national team's physiotherapist.

I am extremely concerned after reading the insightful piece "LionsXII to cough up cash for physio" (April 28).

I take issue with the FAS spokesman's comments that one reason team physiotherapists do not receive match bonuses is due to the need "to avoid a situation where they may be accused of compromising their professional ethics for match bonuses by rushing injured players into being cleared to play".

Is there any basis for FAS taking such a drastic stand? Have there been past cases where the team physio acted in such an irresponsible manner?

Even if there have, surely it is LionsXII coach V Sundramoorthy who has the final say on team selection and not physio Majid Khan?

FAS should learn not to underestimate the importance of team physios.

It seems to me that FAS values the roles of substitute playersmore than that of the team physio and even the kit man.

This clearly reflects a lack of foresight on the part of the FAS management.

Are our stars more worthy of respect and recognition than the support staff ?

It seems to me that our players like Shahril Ishak and Hariss Harun are more appreciative of the work done by the team physio and kit man.

Kudos to these players.

It seems our FAS management has much to learn from their players.

Finally, I want to thank journalist Ali Kasim for bringing such important issues to our attention. It is writers like Ali Kasim who make me an avid and loyal reader of The New Paper.


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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