One-stop shop to get children into sports

SINGAPORE - Ever wanted your child to learn a sport, but never knew which one he or she might have a natural talent for?

The new Guardian Academy is hoping to unearth a child's aptitude for a certain sport and nurture it.

To be formally launched next Friday, the new company offers trials for 20 sports, ranging from local staples football and swimming to up-and-coming ones such as archery and fencing.

Parents can choose five sports out of the list for their children - aged between four and 12 - and receive a detailed report after the trials on factors such as talent and skill levels.

After that, they will be able to sign up at respectable academies for the various sports at discounted rates, with their progress regularly monitored and reported to the parents.

Said R Sasikumar, the company's director: "We want parents to fully realise the potential of their kids."

"I have a son and I automatically think he will be good at football because of me, but maybe he's good in golf or swimming," added the ex-national footballer, who is also the group managing director of the Red Card Group, the organiser of next month's Lion City Cup.

"We are a one-stop shop for busy parents who want to put their children in sports, with a very scientific approach."

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