Rubbing shoulders with a legend

Above: Quah Yeok Boo, a Manchester United fan, has a picture of him with former Red Devils custodian Peter Schmeichel.

Taking pride of place in his home are two footballs and a T-shirt signed by one of the greatest goalkeepers in history.

And to top it off, Quah Yeok Boo, a Manchester United fan, also has a picture of him with former Red Devils custodian Peter Schmeichel.

Thanks to the TNP-Carlsberg Fanatic Fan Foto Fiesta, Quah, 60, won a free trip to watch last Friday's Germany-Italy Euro 2012 semi-final in Warsaw.

There, the logistics executive saw the great Dane at the stadium's lounge.

Said Quah: "I made sure that I would get close to him, so that he could sign the things I had brought.

"He was there, mingling with his friends. So, I didn't disturb him much.

"I wasn't sure if he would sign it. But since I was right next to him, my friend asked me to just do it."

Mustering his courage, he approached Schmeichel for a picture and an autograph, and the Euro 1992 winner happily obliged.

Quah added: "He was quite friendly, although he didn't say much.

"Luckily, I managed to get it from him in the lounge as, after we got to our seats, we were separated into two sides, and it wouldn't have been possible."


Besides watching football and meeting Schmeichel, Quah also took in the sights during his four-day trip.

He visited places such as the historic Warsaw Old Town and the Euro 2012 fan zone in Plac Defilad (Parade Square).

On the trip, Quah said: "It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch (top) live football, and to be so close to the footballers.

"This is so far the best experience I've had. I've been to the UK to watch football before, but this is still better."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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