Bloggers become Games pundits

This London Olympics has seen an unprecedented amount of fans' and athletes' commentaries on social media and microblogging sites, such as Twitter and Tumblr.

Many interesting observations were spotted and debated upon, making this the first Olympics where microblogging and trending become part of the Games experience.


@ellamcsweeney: If I was a fan who travelled to support a swimmer, who then appeared with headphones on, I'd feel like being a bit quiet.

@SuperCoolEskimo: Why are these swimmers coming out wearing headphones? Take them off and soak up the atmosphere, you idiots.

@NicholasVeevers: I see the Beats headphones pandemic has spread to swimming now. Leave them in the locker lads, you must've had an extra 30 seconds of tune.

For some Olympic swimmers, their headphones appear to be a crucial piece of headgear, because they allow them to stay focused on the race and not be distracted by the crowd.

But the practice has divided online opinion, with a number of people criticising the swimmers for ignoring the fans, as the headphones block out their cheers, reported The Daily Mail.

China's Sun Yang was one of several seen wearing the "Beats by Dr Dre" headphones at the swimming finals last Saturday night. They are designed to block out all background noise.

American swimming star Michael Phelps also keeps his headphones firmly in place until the last minute.

As well as disappointing the fans, the swimmers who wore the headphones are likely to have left Samsung, the official technology sponsor of the Games, somewhat miffed.

Beats by Dr Dre headphones are owned by one of their fiercest corporate rivals, HTC.


@steparry2: He's HUGE! Sun Yang, Olympic Champion 400m free, makes me look like hobbit!

@driftahmed: Sun Yang looks like a vampire.

Sun is also fast becoming one of the big stars of the Games.

Steve Parry, former swimmer and current BBC commentator, sent in a tweet joking that the 1.98m-tall Chinese dwarfs him, making him seem like a hobbit from The Lord Of The Rings movies.

Lest anyone thinks Parry is "vertically challenged", the Briton is actually 1.94m tall.

Another fan observed that Sun's teeth are not exactly the best aligned.

In fact, the 20-year-old might give Twilight star Robert Pattinson a run for his money with his vampire-like set of pearly whites.


"How many questions will there be...about somebody who can suddenly swim so much faster than she has swum before?"

- BBC presenter Clare Balding, on Ye Shiwen's record-breaking gold performance in the women's 400m individual medley.

Her question provoked a storm among BBC viewers on Twitter, with many praising her for daring to even hint at the possibility of cheating.

But many also criticised her for tainting the Chinese swimmer's achievement and some have even called for her sacking.

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