Football: Low blood sugar blamed for footballer's car crash

BERLIN - The horror car crash which has left Bundesliga footballer Boris Vukcevic in a coma for the last two weeks was caused by the midfielder's low blood sugar level, a report has revealed.

The 22-year-old has been in an artificial coma since undergoing surgery for serious head injuries after his Mercedes car was hit head on by a truck on September 28 at Bammental, near Heidelberg.

Vukcevic is a diabetic and he was hypoglycemic, suffering from low blood sugar level, at the time of the accident, according to a medical report from the University of Heidelberg, where he is hospitalised.

His condition has improved only slightly since the crash.

Local police are still investigating the accident, which they say occurred when Vukcevic's car crossed into the lane of oncoming traffic and was hit by a truck coming in the opposite direction.

Vukcevic has played for Hoffenheim since 2008 and made five appearances this season, scoring a goal in a 5-3 defeat to Freiburg on September 16.

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