Ring bell in bar to help striken boxer

SINGAPORE - A fund-raising event for boxer Shahril "The Bull" Salim will be held on Saturday at the Mogambo Bar and Restaurant in Boat Quay.

The event seeks to reach out to the eatery's patrons to help the 21-year-old with his medical bills.

The boxer collapsed at the Juggernaut Fight Club on Oct 28 - just before he was to make his professional debut at a Marina Bay Sands (MBS) event organised by Dragon Fire Boxing - and remains unconscious at the Singapore General Hospital.

He has been diagnosed with acute traumatic brain injury, which affects the right hemisphere of his brain.

He is estimated to have chalked up medical bills of $50,000 since he was hospitalised.

His family has set up a webpage on social-networking site Facebook to raise funds for his bills.

MBS and Dragon Fire Boxing have each pledged $10,000 for his medical expenses.

Mr Henry Bristow, general manager of Mogambo Bars Singapore, hopes the eatery's fund-raiser can help Shahril and his family through this difficult time.

Mr Bristow, 28, is a part-time boxer who trains at the Juggernaut Fight Club, and was one of Shahril's sparring partners.

On Saturday, Mogambo patrons who want to make a donation can ring a bell at the bar, and purchase alcohol shots for all patrons at the bar at that time.

Each shot costs $10, and half of the proceeds raised from the event will go towards Shahril's needs.

The fund-raiser will stretch from 3pm till 3.30am on Sunday morning.

"I do not have a lot of money, but I do know a lot of people who will step forward and help my friend, Shahril," said Mr Bristow.

Mogambo patrons can also contribute by placing money in a donation box at the bar.

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