Football: Roma 'ultras' charged with attempted murder: Report

MILAN - Two hardline 'ultra' supporters with connections to AS Roma have been arrested and charged with attempted murder following a violent assault on a group of Tottenham fans in Rome, it was reported Friday.

Around 10 visiting supporters from the English Premier League club were injured in the attack on a pub in the early hours of Thursday morning.

It was immediately believed the attack was carried out exclusively by hardline supporters from Serie A club Lazio, who hosted Tottenham in a Europa League match on Thursday.

But it has since emerged two of those arrested have connections to Lazio's bitter city rivals AS Roma, and the attack may have been carried out by a far right group with anti-Semitic leanings.

Tottenham has long had an association with the Jewish community in London and eyewitnesses reported hearing anti-Semitic insults during the attack.

Newspaper reports Friday said police had arrested 26-year-old Francesco Ianari and 27-year-old Mauro Pinnelli - identified as having connections to Roma - and charged both with attempted murder.

Both were arrested thanks to the telesurveillance cameras installed in Rome's Campo Fiori area.

One of the injured men, identified as Ashley Mills, had suffered cuts to the head which left him in a serious condition in hospital although he is now reported to be out of danger.

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