Mystery man spotted at Bishan Stadium

WHO is this mystery man?

He was spotted in the stands at the Bishan Stadium watching intently as Lee Lim Saeng put his charges at Home United through their paces on March 26.

In the picture, he is surrounded by three officials from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS).

Later, he was whisked into a black van (right)waiting outside.

His presence at the training session immediately led to speculation that he could be one of the candidates vying for the national coach job.

A similar van was spotted around Jalan Besar Stadium, the latest sighting coming yesterday, with sources revealing that a vehicle of similar make has been secured by the FAS to ferry national coach candidates.

After being shown the above picture, an FAS spokesman said that the man in question was a technical official with world football governing body, Fifa, but declined to name him.


Meanwhile, the FAS has remained tight-lipped on the identity of the man who is set to replace Serb Radojko Avramovic, who led the Lions to victory in the AFF Suzuki Cup last year.

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