Fact file : All you wanted to know about Ah Meng
Sun, May 09, 1999
The Sunday Times


  • Hsing Hsing: Male, born April 20, 1975. Now residing in Perth on long-term breeding loan. Father to two females aged five and eight.
  • Medan: Female, born July 19, 1980. A doting mother to seven-year-old Riau.
  • Hong Bao: Female, born Feb 11, 1983. Said to bear the closest resemblance to Ah Meng in looks and charisma. Mother to Depa, six, and Chomel, two.
  • Sayang: Female, born July 10, 1990.
  • Satria: Male, born Dec 16, 1996. Ah Meng's last child. Still nursing, often makes an appearance at breakfast with Mum.


  • Can ride a three-wheel bicycle.
  • Preen and pose for the cameras. This savvy operator knows her best angles - from coy smirks to megawatt teeth-flashing smiles.
  • Drink from a cup - her favourite beverage is English tea with milk and sugar - and clink glasses with VIPs.


  • Has met VIPs like Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew, singer Michael Jackson, actress Bo Derek, tennis star Bjorn Borg, Britain's Prince Philip and visiting dignitaries and celebrities.
  • Has been the zoo's mascot and star of its breakfast programme since 1985.
  • She is the "most interviewed" animal at the zoo and hired frequently to make guest appearances at company launches, commercials and gala events.
  • Was honoured with the Special Tourism Ambassador Award for her contributions to tourism by the then-Singapore Tourist Promotion Board in 1992.

This article was first published in The Sunday Times on May 9, 1999.



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