Russia detains US embassy worker for spy recruitment

MOSCOW - Russia has detained an American citizen accused of trying to recruit a Russian intelligence officer to work for the CIA, the Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Tuesday.

It said the man was an employee at the US embassy in Moscow but also worked for the United States Central Intelligence Agency. The embassy declined immediate comment.

A spokesman for the FSB identified the man as Ryan Fogle, a third secretary at the embassy, and said he was carrying a large amount of money and instructions for the Russian he was trying to recruit.

He said Fogle, who was also carrying "special technical equipment" and the "means for changing one's appearance", was detained overnight and then handed over to US officials.

The incident comes at a sensitive time when the United States and Russia are trying to improve relations.

The United States and Russia have spoken of stepping up security cooperation following the Boston Marathon bombings last month and last week announced plans to try to organise an international conference to promote an end to Syria's civil war.

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