Political career spells divorce for Bangladeshi actress
Fri, Nov 21, 2008

DHAKA, Nov 21, 2008 (AFP) - The husband of a well-known Bangladeshi actress has divorced her after she was nominated to stand in next month's elections, she said Friday.

Kabori Sarwar, who has appeared in more than 200 films in the South Asian nation, told AFP she had been nominated to stand as a candidate for the left-leaning Awami League.

The 60-year-old said the move had angered her husband and as a result he had divorced her.

Sarwar, who fought as a freedom fighter in Bangladesh's war of independence against Pakistan in 1971, said her ex-husband's move showed that the conservative Muslim nation was still male-dominated.

She planned to campaign for women's rights if elected.

She said her five sons and other relatives had been supportive of her new political career.

"People who are my fans from my acting days, who do not support the Awami League, have been supportive. It is unfortunate my husband tried to block the move," she said.

Sarwar began her acting career in 1964 when she was 13.

The elections, slated for December 18, are aimed at restoring democracy to the impoverished South Asian nation after almost two years of emergency rule.


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