Eating square-head anabas causes cancer untrue

TIEN GIANG - Rumours that eating square-head anabas causes cancer were untruthful, said deputy director of the Tien Giang Aquaculture Department Phan Huu Hoi.

The rumours have caused great public concern in the southern province for the past 10 days, affecting the trade and consumption of the fish.

Before the rumours appeared, prices of square-head anabas in the province were quite high, at about VND30,000-50,000 (S$1.8-3.0) a kilo.

However, after the rumours, the prices decreased sharply to about VND18,000-23,000 ($0.9-1.15), leaving the breeders having to shoulder major losses.

This was not the first time such rumours had been spread, Hoi said.

Before last Tet (Lunar New Year), rumours that grapefruit and durian could cause cancer appeared in the province, causing the fruit price to drop before a recent rebound, he said.

"It is totally groundless to say that eating square-head anabas can cause cancer," he confirmed.

Currently, the total area for breeding square-head anabas in Tien Giang is more than 300ha.

-Viet Nam News/Asia News Network