Do short guys finish last?

It's official. Finding love is a tall order for vertically-challenged men in Singapore.

A recent study by dating agency Lunch Actually says 70 per cent of the 640 women surveyed will not even consider romancing a shorter man. Only 14 per cent said they will go out with a guy who was shorter than them, while another 16 per cent cannot make up their minds.

Women in Hong Kong and Malaysia have also reported a similar preference for tall men, or in other words, a systemic bias against shorter men.

Earlier in May, a study by Dr David Carrier from the University of Utah also found an association between a man's height and strength; and the findings suggest that women are wired to choose taller males, as they need stronger and more powerful mates to protect them and their children from danger.

There are always shorter women for shorter men, but must short men always get the short end of the stick, so to speak? RazorTV hit the street with our volunteer, 1.69m tall Xavier Rowand, who was challenged to score a date taller than him. Will he succeed?

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