My hubby loves alcohol more than me

Dear Thelma

Ever since I married my alcoholic husband, I've often had to eat dinner alone.

At the end of each working day, he will phone and say he's going out for dinner, followed by a drinking session.

He comes back drunk and just dozes off.

There's no communication between us, no time to talk to our young children.

I have a stressful working life and have to do the chores, run errands and fetch the kids home at 7.45pm.

Is it unreasonable to yearn for a simple family life, for hugs and kisses from my husband before bedtime?

Sex sucks as he cannot get a hard-on, no matter how I stimulate him.

Nothing interests him except sleep.

I'm frustrated but have to keep silent as he's very egoistic about his sex drive.

He knows alcohol has killed that, but he still succumbs to it.

He asks why I cannot take his drinking, like the wives of those in his industry, and blames me for being unreasonable.

He is a divorcee; his ex-wife had told me she felt no emotional security with him.

It has crossed my mind to end my life but my kids still need me.

I still love him very much but he loves alcohol more than me! One day, when I get someone realiable for the kids, I'll end this suffering life.

Wife of alcoholic

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