Sex-for-grades NUS law prof suspended: University

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has suspended Associate Professor Tey Tsun Hang with immediate effect.

In a statement issued to the press on Friday, the university said that they had decided to initiate an investigation and suspend the professor from active duty following the Attorney-General's decision to file charges against him.

It is not known how long the suspension will be.

Tey was charged with six counts of corruption, two of which were for obtaining sexual gratification from former law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui in exchange for good grades in an elective subject.

He is also charged for obtaining items such as a $740 Mont Blanc pen, two tailor-made shirts worth $236,20, an iPod Touch and a bill payment worth $1,278.60.

Court papers stated that these were said to be an inducement for showing favour in his assessment of Miss Ko's academic performance.

"The University takes a very serious view of breaches of its regulations. NUS has a Code of Conduct to which its staff must adhere. In the event of breaches, appropriate action will be taken including dismissal for serious violations of the Code of Conduct," wrote the statement.

Tey told reporters outside court that his reputation has been tarnished and that his liberty, integrity and livelihood are at stake.

"My family suffers as a result," he said.

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