I was a victim of oppression, says law prof

SINGAPORE - National University of Singapore law professor Tey Hsun Hang yesterday continued to assert that he was coerced into admitting guilt in his six statements to the authorities.

Tey, 41, claimed that officers from the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) had already prepared drafts when he was recording statements between April and May last year.

On April 5, Tey said that a CPIB officer slammed the table and yelled at him when he tried to amend his statement.

This shocked him, he said, and was the reason he did not make any more changes or read the statement in its entirety.

During this time, he said officers also made allegations that he had "extracted sex" from three female and two male former students.

Among the five students named in court was Ms Darinne Ko, 23.

Tey faces six charges of corruptly obtaining gifts and sex from Ms Ko in exchange for improving her grades.

CPIB officers also accused him of "dishonestly" altering Ms Ko's examination grades, Tey said, and he tried to explain to them that examination scripts carried no names of students. Checks were done by a board of examiners, he added.

When he recorded his fourth statement on May 15, Tey admitted receiving gifts such as ice wine and abalone from his former students which he did not declare. He also gave them legal advice - which he claimed was unrelated to the gifts he received - as this was done in his personal capacity.

Tey also said he readily signed his third to sixth statements without reading them as a "silent protest of a victim of oppression". He told the court he did this as he knew the statements would emerge in court where he would refute them.

The prosecution yesterday put forth that Tey had made changes to parts of his statements, which suggested that he had indeed read them.

Tey explained that some sentences did come from him, but claimed that CPIB deputy director Teng Khee Fatt "typed what he wanted" for the incriminating parts.

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